Septic Tanks

After emptying your septic tank our engineers will convert your existing septic tank or cesspit into a fully functional sewage treatment plant producing a high quality final effluent that can be discharged into a watercourse or soak away.

We also undertake gully cleaning, gutter clearance and blocked soak away. Our high tech fleet of vehicles also remove all liquid wastes including food waste and grease traps.

A Brief Explaination of Septic Tanks and Maintenance

When septic emptying it is necessary to ensure that health and safety laws are adhered to, that is where we come in; All Clear are fully licensed to empty and maintain septic tanks.

Basically a septic tank works in the same way that a sewage system does only on a smaller scale. Permanent tanks reduce waste in the anaerobic environment but portable tanks such as the ones used in self contained portable toilets need emptying as they are considerably smaller and are generally used by hundreds or thousands of people in a short space of time and therefore can overflow if not emptied.

The process of liquid separation is quite simple; the sewer pipe transports the raw sewerage to a primary settlement tank where the heavier solids settle at the bottom becoming sludge whilst the rest is on top, this is natural filtration. The sludge gets piped into an anaerobic digester where methane escapes but nothing comes in, once mineralised the waste is then used as land fill or sent to the incinerator. The settled sewage is pumped into an aeration tank where air is pumped through it to produce bacteria which eat up the waste and convert it to carbon dioxide, it is then passed into the secondary settlement tank and the sludge is taken out into the anaerobic digester whilst the remainder is passed into the final tank where nitrogen is removed through biological oxidation and the clean water is then put back into the river to start the process again.

We take care of everything from collection to the septic emptying, leaving you to get on with the running of your business.